Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sewing and Drawing: A return

Pen & Ink. A Tree Full of Birds. Fall 2010.

I have been doing a lot of drawing lately. When I was in high school and college I used to spend a lot of time with a pen in my hand filling page after page with intricate black and white patterns. Swirls, stylized flowers, leaves, bubbles. Most of my doodling would take place while I was supposed to be taking notes in class and fills the margins of notebooks. I forgot how satisfying the practice of doodling can be, as I have not had a lot of free time to sit and dream while drawing. In the last few weeks, I have taken advantage of my jobless freedom to remind myself of how much I like to place pen to paper. I have also been going through old notebooks and processing the pile of papers and drawings that have attached themselves to my life. It has been an inspiring process to re-discover some of my creations that I have forgotten.

My Great-Grandmother's Chair.

I re-covered my Great-Grandmother's chair a few weeks ago. It was more difficult than I had expected and took all of one afternoon. My parents acquired this chair when they were furnishing their home with the left-over and cast-off pieces of furniture from a variety of my ancestors. Tristan and I are now honored to have it bless our home. He was not happy to see it come through the door of our apartment in Hancock, as the previous covering was in a state of disintegration, but he like it now.

Ink and Colored Pencil. Flying Man. Spring 2009.

It is comforting, in my new city and surroundings to be able to return to my creative roots. My first memories of art were sewing and drawing, and that is what I have found myself focusing on in Hancock. Sitting in my room, doodling away in the waning light of the afternoon, listening to books on tape. Or stitching strips of fabric together, planning my next sewing project. It reminds me of home. I guess it is home to me.

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Rose Arrowsmith DeCoux said...

art is my favorite way to be at "home." I love the drawings, especially the birds.